Mary Haarmeyer Talks Screenwriting, Part II

I ran out of time today and thought I’d reblog this interview from my other website. Mary Haarmeyer is a producer, director and screenwriter who lives in Lovington, New Mexico — she’s also a gracious and down-to-earth person who genuinely cares about others. If you like this second part of her interview, please click on the link in the introduction to read part one.

KL Wagoner

Producer, director, and writer Mary Haarmeyer continues her discussion of screenwriting in this second of a two-part interview. Mary has won awards for her scripts since 2007, including first place in the screenplay category of the 2010 SouthWest Writers Annual Writing Competition. Active in the workings of ReelFlicks Productions and T-RO Films, she is currently in post-production of Hunter’s Game, a paranormal/thriller television pilot filmed in New Mexico. Find out more about the series at and more about Mary and the crew on the T-RO website at Click here to read the first part of this interview.

Hunter's Game - Poster2How did producing and directing Hunter’s Game differ from your previous projects?
With this project I wanted to give other striving artists a chance to succeed as well. I’ve been a successful business owner for 29 years and have always been able to figure ways around obstacles. With film, you must…

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