Summer Break 2014

LittleGirl_ID-100246232I checked my to-do list last week and tried to decide how to get everything done that needs doing this summer. I came to the quick conclusion that I need to take my annual break from blogging a bit early this year.

Besides twice-a-week conditioning hikes (building up to six hours a day) for a Scotland hiking vacation in late summer, here are a few things I hope plan to accomplish during the break:

  • redesign the book cover for This New Mountain
  • start on the second draft of my fantasy novel The Last Bonekeeper
  • finish a short story collection for publication
  • enter a handful of contests
  • dive into webmaster duties for SouthWest Writers
  • spend two or more days a week with my granddaughter (fun times!)
  • take several weekend holidays around the state of New Mexico (go to my Pinterest board to see some of the neat places I hope to visit/revisit with my husband)
  • prep two bedrooms for upcoming family visits (I’m sure you’ve heard of junk drawers – these are junk rooms)

I’ll be posting off-and-on in the next few months, especially if I have a finished book cover to share. Have a great summer!

So how about you? Are you planning a crazy summer this year or hoping for a real break?

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