Handling Writing Rejection

RejectedStamp2Freelance writer and storyteller Peter D. Mallett recently stated that everyone identifies with three things: failure, hard times, and rejection. The response to his post “Receiving and Rising above Rejection” was greater than any article he’s written for his website Writing in Color and demonstrates how deeply we all identify with being rejected. For a two-part followup to that post, Peter asked four writers, including myself, specific questions about the topic as it pertains to our writing projects.

In part one of “Rejection Revisited,” Erica Hayes, a copywriter, and Deanne Schultz, a freelance writer, were asked how they push through the fear of rejection and how they handle rejection when it does come. Their wise and practical advice shows why they’re successful professionals in their field.

In part two, Jillian Lisa Pearl, a writer working on her debut novel, addresses the issue of depersonalizing rejection and her positive plan to deal with it. For my part, I was asked: Even today, what is your first gut reaction when you receive a rejection? What happens next, and how do you move forward? My response to handling rejection almost always involves copious amounts of Cheetos, peanuts, and ice cream.

To find out more about how the four of us deal with rejection in our writing life, please check out Writing in Color and Peter D. Mallett’s articles on the subject.

How do you handle rejection or the fear of it?

Image “Rejected Stamp” courtesy of cooldesign / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


4 thoughts on “Handling Writing Rejection

    • Thank you, Peter for inviting me to work on this project. And thank you, Cate, for sharing this with your audience. I enjoyed reading the other writers’ responses, they gave great advice.

      If anyone is interested in my debut romance novel The Fire-Pit, you can find out more at my site–www.jillianlisapearl.com. I’m participating in the April 2014 A-Z Challenge and each day, except Sundays, I’m sharing The A-Z’s of Lodgepole Creek. :-)



      • You’re welcome, Jillian. I appreciated the other writers’ responses, as well, and love your positive approach to facing rejection. I’ll head on over and check out the A-Z Challenges. Thanks for dropping by!


    • Thank you, Peter, for asking me to write a piece for your follow-up article. It helped me to evaluate my own response to rejection. And I appreciate the wisdom the other writers shared.


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