Free Resources for Writers: Promotion, Interviews & Reviews

In my quest to find online sites to promote my book This New Mountain, I’ve collected a ridiculous amount of information. Here are just a few useful websites.

Renata_PressSandy Bazinet is an author with a heart to help other writers. She broke through years of writer’s block by giving herself “the freedom to simply have fun and create” and discovered that “the story begins to tell itself.” Sandy posts interviews of authors of different genres (fiction and nonfiction) such as Anne Hillerman, Joseph Badal, Slim Randles, Sarah Baker, and Steve Brewer.  She includes a book cover image with links to your website/blog and book buying pages. Contact Sandy at to request an author interview. (Read my interview here.)

IA logo blue flaskThrough, Robin runs Ink & Alchemy (focusing on artists and creatives) and More Ink (focusing on writers). As the administrator of these sites, her goal is “to inspire and encourage others who wish to be creative, while promoting the work of existing writers and artists.” If you’d like to be a Featured Writer at More Ink, go to this page for more information. She also welcomes submissions of creative epiphanies of up to 5000 words. Check out her Resources tab for great information including places to promote your free eBooks, podcasts geared to social media and platform, and to download her free 25-page pdf  “Basics of Building a Social Media Platform.”

kornerkonnection“Discovering. Sharing. Promoting…with special emphasis on Indie Authors.” This site offers free book promotion on their EBookKornerKafe Facebook page (which has over 19,000 likes at this point). Go to and read their notes to understand how it all works, then fill out the form, submit, and watch for your book to show up on their Facebook page. There’s also a less active page for print versions at KlassicKafe. You can submit to both, but the submission form for Ebook Korner Kafe has a place to indicate  both versions are available.

bookgoodies-sq-logo-200“Our mission at is to present information for authors to make wise choices in their writing and publishing journey and give all authors a chance to be discovered, reviewed and read. We want to allow readers the opportunity to find new authors and books that will enrich their reading enjoyment.” Some services cost, but the following are free:

  • Authors: Tell Us About Your Book: Submit information about your book (for all genres) or use the special links for memoirs (with link to book review request); cookbooks and food; cats, dogs, and other pets; and craft books and tutorials.
  • Book Reviews: To request a book review, submit electronic copies of your book in pdf, plain text, rtf, doc, docx or mobi format. (I had to hunt for this link which isn’t obvious in any of the main tabs.)
  • Author Interview: Answer their questions and include links to your website, Amazon pages, Goodreads, etc.
  • Guest Posts: Submit a guest post and include links to your website, Amazon pages, and other social media sites.
  • Author Services: Submit information for the services you offer to writers; explain what you do and how people should contact you.
  • Other: The Author/Bloggers/Reviewers tab is the general area that links to the things available to authors, etc. If you review books, go to Book Blogs. You can submit your short stories, book excerpts, and links to your book trailer through the Under the Reading Room tab.

What are your favorite websites for free book promotion?


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