Country Remedy: Diarrhea Relief

(From Vinnie Ann “AJ” Jackson)

Fifty years ago, my brother-in-law (whose family comes from the hills of Alabama) taught me to make “burnt flour” to stop my baby daughter’s diarrhea. After mixing up the remedy, he heated the end of an ice pick to burn a bigger hole in a bottle’s rubber nipple so the concoction could flow through. I’ve used his recipe time and again over the years, and it’s never failed to work, no matter the age of the one needing relief.

Charlie’s Diarrhea Remedy

2 tablespoons flour

1/2 cup water

Cook the flour by itself in a hot skillet (we use cast-iron) until dark brown, but not black. Add the “burnt flour” to the water, stir until dissolved, and drink it down.

This remedy gets rid of diarrhea faster than a store-bought solution or a doctor’s prescription. Cheaper, too. And no one’s ever needed a second dose.

Let’s hope you never have to use this remedy, but if you do, let us know how it works.


8 thoughts on “Country Remedy: Diarrhea Relief

    • Yes, the old ways are often the best. It’s hard to imagine how someone came up with the recipe to begin with, but with common ingredients and simple instructions it makes it easy to hand down this remedy from one generation to the next. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.


  1. My mother used this recipe 60 years ago. Second generation German. Zero contact with Jamaica. Simple folks in lots of places probably figured this out. It does work but it does stink. I usually chose to be sick rather than eat it.


  2. My Mom, raised in the mountains of Colorado of imported german stock used that method on all of her 4 kids (me being the youngest) and it ALWAYS worked. Tasted terrible, but it worked.


    • I’ve never used the remedy, but AJ swears by it. It’s too bad so many people dismiss the old ways (such as the use of herbs or this simple diarrhea remedy), but they are tried-and-true. Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment!


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